The Neighbor

You have a 8 year old daughter, who is happy, outgoing, and full of joy.  One day something terrible happens: your daughter gets raped.  You are quite positive that the rapist of your daughter is your neighbor.  Your daughter is unable to talk after the encounter, but she has convinced you through other ways that your neighbor is indeed the rapist.  Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence found to convict him.  Your family and you  move out of that neighborhood and try to reorganize your lives.  Your daughter still suffers from this experience years later in her life.  This event has effectively ruined her life.

It is your daughter’s thirteenth birthday, and your family goes out to dinner to celebrate.  While at dinner you see your former neighbor, who raped your daughter five years ago.  He is sitting alone and looks unhappy.  You do not say anything to alert the rest of your family to his presence as this will just bring up the horrible memories from the past.  The next day you discover that your former neighbor’s wife has been murdered; there is evidence to convict your former neighbor of his wife’s murder.  You know that your former neighbor did not commit this crime because at the time of the murder he was at the restaurant.  The police said that the murder was set up to look like a burglary.

You consider the possibilities… Did your former neighbor pay someone to kill his wife?  Do you go to the police and give him an alibi, even though he could be responsible for his wife’s death?  Or, do you do nothing and let him go to prison?  By doing so, you let the real murderer walk away.  What would you do in this moral situation?

February 14th, 2010 6:16 pm

I would go to the police and tell them that I had seen him at the restaurant.

October 4th, 2010 7:39 pm

two wrongs don’t make a right so I would tell the police the man couldn’t have committed the murder

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